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Craig has been a member of the Hillhouse team since 2004 and is one of three directors of the firm. Commercially adept, and empathetic to clients, Craig understands the needs and concerns of business owners because he is one himself. He prides himself on delivering strategic, specific and fair-priced advice, investing time spent with clients in the initial stages to eliminate risk, clarify goals, and achieve solutions.

Known for his pragmatism in commercial law, Craig’s expertise also covers areas of business structuring, intellectual property, contracts advice, business sales and acquisitions, leases and trusts and a raft of organisational matters from HR to corporate governance. Craig enjoys assisting clients with matters that enhance their businesses and culminate their careers, providing clients with the time and resources needed to follow their long-term ambitions.

Commercial matters can often be time sensitive and emotional for the people involved and decisions often need to be made in high pressure circumstances. With that being the case, it can be very easy for someone to 'win the battle but lose the war' by losing sight of their overall goals. To me, Simply Strategic means working out with my client exactly what a 'win' looks like, mapping out the variety of issues that we might face, developing a plan and making sure we execute that plan at each critical juncture to have that win.

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