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For 15 years' Zac has been a dedicated contributor to the Hillhouse Legal Partners team, during which time he has transitioned from lawyer to Managing Director in 2017.

Approachable and personable, Zac is proud to honour the Hillhouse legacy by working in partnership with clients, while continuously improving the systems, management and day to day operations of Hillhouse Legal Partners.

"The traditional law firm is an outmoded concept. Clients are seeking highly responsive service and modern and innovative solutions that better meet their needs. My primary responsibility is to oversee the implementation of our long-term client-centric vision."

Motivated to deliver superior service for his and Hillhouse clients, Zac has become highly experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of corporate and commercial law, with a strong background in litigation.

Every day, we make the complex simple for our clients. We will not take the long road or over-service, when there is a smarter, simpler and more efficient way. Clients see real value in working with a partner rather than just another professional services provider.

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