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A Variety Sunshine Coach For Logan City Special School

At Hillhouse we strongly believe in supporting the community around us whenever we can, and we were thrilled when we learned that our sponsorship of Bash Car 640 in the 2019 Variety Bash meant that we played a part in the purchase of a Variety Sunshine Coach for Logan City Special School.

Bash Car 640 is the unstoppable team from Keystone Private made up of Lesa Jackson, Jo Cairns and Bill McCarthy. Together they committed to raising money through the Variety bash which took place from 28 August to 6 September 2019, with teams driving 30 year old plus cars through regional parts of Australia from Mackay to the Gold Coast.

Because of the extraordinary amount of money they were able to raise for Variety they were able to directly support Logan City Special School through the purchase of a Variety Sunshine Coach. 

The school has approximately 180 students who have multiple disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual disabilities, physical impairments and vision impairments. Through the donation of a Variety Sunshine Coach they can now expand students’ access to sporting events, vocational placement and community access to local events, shopping centres and cultural experiences.

We were thrilled to have been a part of this exceptionally worthwhile cause and fantastic outcome. Our congratulations to the Bash Car 640 team for their dedication to raising funds for Variety and to Variety for their relentless commitment to their mission to give a fair go to Aussie kids who would otherwise miss out.

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