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Iain is a highly regarded senior commercial lawyer and has been a member of the Hillhouse team since 2012 as special counsel.

His practice varies from areas of building construction, partnership, trusts, professional negligence, and commercial disputes of all types. Iain acts as an in-house professional mentor and advisor across many of the firm's litigation and commercial matters.

"The challenge is to deliver value to the client regardless of whether the client is suing or being sued. I believe I achieve this in most instances."

Due to his extensive experience in complex commercial matters, Iain is regularly called upon to assist and advise public companies, substantial private companies, and individuals in relation to disputes affecting their business operations. He is a keen advocate of alternative dispute resolution but is mindful that some disputes require professional litigation.

Obviously in any dispute it is essential that all avenues of attempted resolution be explored. I have found in recent years particularly that mediated outcomes are popular with litigators. Indeed it is a rare occurrence for disputes to proceed to trial given the cost and risk associated on taking that course.